Contest Rules

Lucky Lotto Drop 

  • Huskeradio will host Ticket Stops throughout the month of April and Early May.
  • You must be in attendance at the sponsorship location and listen to find out how to win a Golden Ticket.
    • At these sponsorship locations, Golden Tickets will be given away.
    • A Golden Ticket must be won to be invited to the Lucky Lotto Drop
  • The Lucky Lotto Drop will be held mid-May
    • Location and Date to be determined.
      • Stay tuned for the final details
  • Only 1 Golden Ticket winner from each household
  • Must be 19 to participate
  • Golden Ticket must be present at Lucky Lotto Drop
    • Ticket may be transferred if winner is unable to attend, but attendee must be in possession of the Golden Ticket.
    • Huskeradio will drop 1004 Nebraska Lottery Tickets
    • Golden Ticket Winners will scramble to pick up as many Lottery Tickets as they can in 1 minute and 4 seconds.
    • Scratch Nebraska Lottery Tickets to reveal your prizes.


CR Rustic June Art Contest

  • Submit your best drawings or paintings as examples of your artistic skills
  • Winners will get to paint an 8’X10’ foot section of the alley wall of CR Rustic for a permanent art display in the heart of downtown! (Painting day in July TBA)
  • Up to 14 winners
  • Special prizes, giveaways and acknowledgements will be in abundance!
  • Final wall Murals can be Historic or modern, the style is all yours! art will be themes of Western / Buffalo Bill, WW2 Cantina, Railroad Etc.. as long as it fits with Lincoln County and North Platte!