Competitive Art Show Winners Announced from Prairie Arts Center


The 5th Annual Nebraskaland Days Competitive Art Show was held at the Prairie Arts Center this week and winners were announced. Judging for the event was done by artist and Doane Art Professor Eric Stearns. The awards ceremony was held on Tuesday at the PAC.

The exhibit will remain open through the month of June and the public is invited to view it Tuesday-Saturday from 11-4 PM. Admission for the exhibit is free.

A full winners list is below and you can view the entries at the powerpoint here.

2023 Nebraskaland Days Competitive Art Show
Judge—Eric Stearns

People’s Choice – Three For the Road by David Dorsey
Best of Show— Lookin’ Back by Linda Egle_______

Western—1st—Place Buddy by Taylor Majerus_______
Western -2nd – Pretty in Pink by David Dorsey_
Western—3rd – Morning Meditation by Roberta Barnes_

Wildlife-1st Place Whisper of Strength by Tim O’Neill
Wildlife -2nd—When the dust settles on the day—Roberta Barnes
Wildlife—3rd _Run Wild by Sue Perez ___________

Landscape-1st Place Fiery Chariots by Yelena Khanevskaya__
Landscape 2nd – Grassy Waters by Sharon Skinner_______
Landscape –3rd—Apricity Trouvaille by Linda Lacey____________

Western—1st Place _- Salt Wells Stallion by Rachel Reeves
Western -2nd—Sharp Brim by Brandy Jamerman__
Western—3rd – Onaqui Dust—Rachel Reeves

Wildlife-1st Place -_Look Out Below—Keith Howe_________
Wildlife -2nd -Fight or Flight by Marella McCarthy_______
Wildlife—3rd—It’s lonely at the top by Keith Howe_____

Landscape-1st Place—Everything the light touches by Keith Howe
Landscape 2nd – Blades of Brilliance by Jess Smith _______
Landscape –3rd—Nebnraska Sunset by Pat Schoenfelder__

1. She Dreams of Wild Horses—Jess Hill
2. Western Floral—Katie Berglund
3. Return of the Prodigal Sun—Yelena Khanevskaya
4. Measure of Wealth—Linda Egle
5. She Dreams of Wild Horses—David Dorsey
6. Flower Shop—Sue Perez
7. Winter—Wava Best
8. New Cut in Town—Jess Hill
9. Three for the Road—David Dorsey
10.Lean on Me—Amber Blessin
11.Chuckwagon—Roger Herrick
12.Mystic Morning—Jess Smith
13.Pretty in Pink—Pat Schoenfelder
14.Don’t Make me come over there—Keith Howe
15.Live—Cole Brockmoller
16.Doe in the Snow—Yelena Khanevskaya
17.In the End—Jessica Hill
18.Palomino– Monica Eby
19.Beaver Dam Oasis—Terry Kingston
20.Escape—Jay Lewis
21.Red winged Blackbird—Erin Koger
22.The Good Life—AJ Junker
23.State Farm Winter—Megan Hynes
24.Great White Buffalo—Mary Hasenauer
25.Birdwood Creek—Monica Eby

1st Place _- Lookin’ Back by Linda Egle
2nd— Stagecoach by Roger Herrick
3rd – War Dance by Cole Brockmoller