All SPVA Basketball Teams Announced

The All South Platte Valley Association Basketball teams were announced on Tuesday for the 2018-19 season for both boys and girls. The lists below include first and second team honors, along with honorable mention. See the full lists below!

All SPVA Boy’s Basketball

First Team
Drake DeMasters   Bridgeport   Senior
Jacob Gosnell   Hershey   Senior
Braden Space   Chase County   Senior
Cedric Maxwell   Chase County   Sophomore
Ryan Richardson   Sutherland   Senior

Second Team
Kaleb Lussetto   Bridgeport   Senior
Spencer Ross   Perkins County   Senior
Andrew Wietzel   Hershey   Senior
Nick Niesen   North Platte Saint Patrick’s   Senior
Cameron Meyer   Sutherland   Senior

Honorable Mention Team
Izaac Reuter   Kimball   Senior
James Roberts   North Platte Saint Patrick’s   Senior
Alex Patrick   Perkins County   Junior
Charles Aufdenkamp   North Platte Saint Patrick’s   Junior
Scott Wheeler   Chase County   Senior
Cayden Spearman   Hershey   Sophomore
Logan Nichols   Bridgeport    Senior
Dolan Branch   North Platte Saint Patrick’s   Junior


All SPVA Girl’s Basketball

First Team
Kaleigh Kummer   North Platte Saint Patrick’s   Senior
Mallie McNair   Chase County   Junior
Ashley Hassett   Hershey   Senior
Brittany Nelson   Bridgeport   Senior
Kate Reader   Kimball   Senior

Second Team
Hayley Homan   North Platte Saint Patrick’s   Junior
Erica Hopping   Sutherland   Senior
Emily Barr   Hershey   Senior
Calli Groseth    North Platte Saint Patrick’s   Senior
Allison Owings   Chase County   Senior

Honorable Mention
Sydney Nein   Bridgeport   Sophomore
Grace Dobrinski   Bridgeport   Senior
Taylor Williams   Chase County   Senior
Channing Holm   Hershey   Senior
Carli Wurdeman   Kimball   Junior
Sydney Biesecker   Kimball   Sophomore
Jocelyn Sellers   North Platte Saint Patrick’s   Junior
Hailey Snyder   Perkins County   Senior
Dani Burge   Perkins County   Sophomore