Medicaid expansion public hearing held at Capitol

A public hearing on Medicaid expansion brings a crowd to the Capitol as the ballot measure is debated.
Senator Roy Baker of Lincoln supports the measure which would cover an estimated

Navigating the Open Enrollment Health Care Coverage Roller Coaster

Navigating the open enrollment of health insurance is a tricky task for many Nebraskans. More than half of employees report living paycheck to paycheck and medical expenses is the number one source

Political Tension has Elected Officials Worried about Safety

Bitter partisan politics is dividing the country and some elected officials are concerned about the safety of elected officials. Just this week Senator Rand Paul was harassed at a D.C. airport

Local Law Enforcement speak on the Investigation of the Death of Ethan Pohlmeier

North Platte Chief of Police Daniel Hudson along with members of the North Platte Police department held a press conference yesterday morning to address the arrests of two 16-year-olds in

Governor Ricketts believes the Mugging of his son was a Random, not Politically Motivated

The 19-year-old son of Governor Pete Ricketts was robbed at gunpoint Sunday night near the family home in Omaha. Governor Ricketts says he believes the mugging of Roscoe Ricketts was a random

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