NPPS Considering Adding District Wide School Bus System

North Platte Public Schools (NPPS) is seeking your input to determine if adding a district-wide school bus system to the district is necessary. According to a press release from the North Platte Public School District, this system could;

-include centralized pick-up and drop-off locations both in and out of the city limits
-provide busing services for students who live in rural areas and would like to attend NPPS

Your input is critical to assessing the needs of a busing system, and we look forward to your feedback.

A. This survey is no guarantee of the implementation of a busing system.
B. If a system is implemented, parent mileage reimbursements will no longer be paid for those within a four-mile radius of a bus drop-off/ pick-up location.
C. NPPS may reach out to you for additional information based on the responses provided below.

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