Audio: NE Sec. of State Bob Evnen Discusses Legal Marijuana Now Party Political Affiliation

Voters in the state of Nebraska now have the opportunity to join a new political party. The Legal Marijuana NOW Party officially became a political party in the Goodlife after more than 10,000 signatures were collected as part of a petition drive throughout the state. In a recent interview with Huskeradio News Director Tristen Winder, Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen described the process of becoming a major political party in the state.

Secretary Evnen adds that the Legal Marijuana NOW Party is entitled to nominate candidates in partisan races.

Secretary Evnen concludes that moving forward there are requirements that have to be met in order for the Legal Marijuana NOW Party  to remain a political party in the state of Nebraska.

Historically, the LMN Party formed from the Grassroots Party that first appeared on the Minnesota Ballot in 1986. Jack Herer was Grassroots’ presidential candidate in 1988 and 1992. In 1998 the party renamed its self to Legal Marijuana NOW.

Find the full interview with Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen below: