The WCDHD’s COVID-19 Community Risk Dial Remains in a Severe Risk Level

The West Central District Health Department has moved their COVID-19 Community Risk Dial from a 3.65 to a 3.77 this week. Which according to a social media post from the Health Department remains in the severe risk level. There were changes in the following variables that contributed to movement in the dial:
We had an increase in the following:
• Measure ID R5: ICU Availability
• Measure ID R6: Ventilator Availability
• Measure ID R9: Testing Turnaround Time
The COVID-19 Risk Dial contains recommended guidance to help prevent and control the spread of COVID-19. While in the Severe Risk category, physical distance of 6 feet or greater, wearing face coverings when outside the home, frequent handwashing (or use of hand sanitizer), staying home if you are having flu-like or COVID-like symptoms, disinfecting high touch surfaces, and having at-risk and vulnerable people remain home are recommended as the greatest tools in reducing the spread of COVID-19.
For more information on recommendations for the various risk categories of the WCDHD Community Risk Dial, please visit the COVID-19 Risk Dial page on our website. COVID-19 Risk Dial page:
For COVID-19 case number updates within the West Central District Health Department Jurisdiction, check the WCDHD Dashboard here: