Ballot Certified for the 2020 General Election

Secretary of State Bob Evnen announced today that the final list of candidates for offices and ballot measures have been certified by his office. “My office has finalized the certification of candidates and ballot measures that file with the State of Nebraska.” Evnen said, “This certification is a vital part of the process and ensures that candidate names and party affiliations are listed correctly.”

The 2020 general election ballot will also allow voters to vote on four Initiatives Measures proposed by petition and two Constitutional Amendments proposed by the Legislature. By random drawing, the Initiative Measures will be numbered as follows:

  • Initiative Measure 428 – Payday Lending
  • Initiative Measure 429 – Games of Chance Constitutional Amendment
  • Initiative Measure 430 – Games of Chance Regulatory
  • Initiative Measure 431 – Games of Chance Tax

“In accordance with the placement of the initiative measure on the ballot, my office will be hosting a hearing in each of the three congressional districts as required by law,” Evnen stated.  “These hearings will allow Nebraska voters to have their questions addressed.” Informational pamphlets will be created and distributed for each Initiative. In addition, pamphlets will be available in county election offices and the office of Secretary of State by the end of September. Early ballots will begin to be sent starting September 28. Information about the Initiatives, as well as a list of statewide candidates can be found on the Secretary of State website.