Nebraska Man Faces Felony Charges After Dog Brutally Killed

A Nebraska man faces felony charges after allegedly killing his dog with a baseball bat and then burying it in his backyard. Khaleem Baringer, 21, of Kearney is charged in Buffalo County Court with felony use of a weapon to commit a felony and intentional felony animal cruelty of his dog, Mary Jane, a week ago, the Lincoln Journal Star reported.

A witness told police Baringer hit the dog several times in the head with the bat after it defecated on the floor and nipped at a woman as she tried to place the dog into a kennel. Records show the dog was stabbed at least once before it was wrapped it in several towels and buried behind a shed in the yard. Police found blood spatter on the wall and window of the master bedroom, in the bathroom, and inside and outside of a trash can.