Omaha Man Accused of Scalding Cat Charged with Felony

An Omaha man accused of hold a cat under scalding hot water, severely burning the animal, has been arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty.  35-year-old Calvin Kyles was arrested Thursday morning on a warrant for the September 10 incident.

An arrest affidavit says Kyle held the cat up by its tail under a shower head while scalding hot water was running. Officials with the Nebraska Humane Society say the skin on the cat’s legs, tail, anus and genitals was burned, requiring surgery. The cat, named BJ, is expected to survive.

Police say Kyles told officers he didn’t mean to burn the cat, just scare it to keep it out of the bathroom. But the cat’s owner says Kyles knew the water always comes out scalding and users must wait for it to cool down.