Sexual Assault Policies for Higher Education Institutions Proposed

Community colleges, state colleges and the University of Nebraska would be required to adopt policies on dating violence, sexual assault and stalking under a proposal heard in the Nebraska Unicameral. LB702 would also require the institutions to establish rules and procedures for resolving allegations by students and employees and provide a method for anonymously reporting those incidents.  The bill also would require each institution to have at least one confidential resource advisor who would be trained in trauma-informed response.

Tami Strickman, Title IX coordinator at UNL, testified in opposition to the bill on behalf of the University of Nebraska. The university is committed to preventing sexual misconduct and supporting those affected by it, she said, but LB702 would interfere with the Board of Regents’ constitutional authority to manage the university. Additionally, Strickman said, some of the bill’s provisions conflict with current and proposed federal regulations. The committee took no immediate action on the bill.