Three Year Anniversary of Omaha’s Old Market Explosion

It was three years ago that an explosion and fire destroyed a part of Omaha’s Old Market area. It was determined that a company laying fiber-optics struck a Metropolitan Utilities District gas line that was not marked near 11th and Howard Street.  M-U-D does not agree with the investigation results.  The explosion happened on January 9, 2016.

Meanwhile, the popular restaurant M’s Pub is again open and people are moving in to the apartments above the establishment. Lawsuits are still making their way through the courts.  Creighton University Law Professor Pat Borchers says some progress is being made.

Borchers says, “As I understand things, I think they have done a lot of discovery. They have identified experts. They have gone through a lot of documents.” There are currently 15 lawsuits pending. A number of law firms are representing business owners and residents of the apartments.  Borchers says at one deposition there were 60 lawyers trying to attend. The first trial is set to start in December.