INTERVIEW: Tanner Interviews Chad Barnhill, Releasing “Here Comes Right Now”

Abby Nicole’s life ended too soon, but her life lives on with her music. Nicole was a singer-songwriter from Norfolk who passed away on July 23 last year after a UTV accident. Her band, County Road had performed back to back nights at the Thayer County Fair. She had performed with the band for several years and had plans to move to Nashville for her music career.

A few months prior to her death, she had co-written a song called “Here Comes Right Now” with Michael August of Nashville and not long after her passing, August immediately started recording the song. Nicole had used her iphone to record her voice for a demo for the song and those vocals are used in the recording now.

You can hear the entire interview with Chad Barnhill below. Barnhill was a member of County Road as the State Manager and Drummer and is helping spread the word of “Here Comes Right Now.” The song is also posted below to listen to. Our special thanks go out to Chad for joining us on the air at Huskeradio.