When People Get Together

Wednesday morning before noon, a crowd of Chamber members, local business owners, and art lovers gathered at the statues at the parking lot at 5th street and Jeffers. Cinda Baker and her husband bought a pair of statues, from a supplier in the art business. Wednesday, a ceremony to “give” the statues to the city of North Platte, at approximately 11:31 rain came down causing the gifting ceremony to take place within Cinda’s Boutique. Mayor Dwight Livingston said this is an example of people working together, with Cinda selecting the art work, the city running, electricity and water to the base of the statues, Arnie Albrecht setting the brick work for the foundation and Wes Meyer and Lyle Minshull prepping the area to plant flowers beds, and Bev Larson taking care of those flowers. The people of North Platte enjoy the art in and around the city, and this is a great example of what can happen when people come together.