Two Statues Grace Downtown

Two statues located on the corner of 5th and Jeffers will be given to the city of North Platte July 12th at 11:30 before noon. The parking lot west of Jeffers has hosted the statues for several months. Footlights face the statues, the city installed water lines, currently the statues have a brick foundation surrounded by a bed of flowers. The installation of the “The Bicycle Springtime” and Tango Dancers” statues took a long time. Thanks to Cinda Baker, in obtaining and installing the art work, the brick work was done by the artist/bricklayer Arnie Albrecht with care. The construction of Jeffers street and the parking lot renovation took attention away from that area. The Prairie Arts Center looks over the art work, the clock tower is a skip north and east of the statues and downtown is even closer. The Downtown area has been improving its looks and appeal, the Downtown business owners have stepped up and are showing how dedicated they are to have a great place to shop and enjoy.