The Sweepers

On a comfortable Tuesday afternoon while trying to decide between the #7 or the #10 at Hobbe’s in the Parkade Plaza, I noticed the sidewalks and curbs being swept outside. A group of eight sweepers passed through with brooms dustpans and plastic garbage bags. The responsibility of keeping the public places clean falls on all who frequent and appreciate the plaza. I took a good look at the vast parking lot and saw a well kept downtown. Who are these people that are cleaning the sidewalks and streets of North Platte? Tom told me after their shift at the Opportunity Center they like to come down and sweep up. Mark was holding the plastic bag for his friend. Tom came down for the car parade and car show during the Honky Tonk Barbecue, he’s gonna have a Corvette and put it in the car shows. The morning after the Honky Tonk, we pulled in the trash receptacles, pretty early in the morning. There were a couple of people downtown picking up trash and enjoying the early morning, one girl said she thought she could get it all but she couldn’t. We are very lucky to have events downtown, we generate a lot of trash during festivals and parades, events that are our community gatherings. No one wants to see trash so the responsibility falls upon on all of us who frequent and appreciate the town.