Stamp Commemorates Nebraska’s Sesquicentennial

This year Nebraskans celebrate it’s 150 year as a state, a stamp has been been issued to commemorate the occasion. On March 1st a Statehood Day event is planned at the Nebraska State Capitol, second floor rotunda at 9:30 in the morning. Several dignitaries will be on hand, Governor Pete Ricketts, Nebraska first lady Susanne Shore, U. S. Postal Service Information Technology Vice President Jeffrey Johnson, and the photographer whose picture will be on the stamp. Michael Forsberg knows the hard work and perseverance needed to capture a moment in time. The stamp shows Sandhill Cranes flying over a stretch of water as the sun is on the horizon, the view is from the bank alongside reeds. The water reflects the sunlight in a gold color as the over head sky has yellow, to light blue and almost light violet colors. The year “1867” is in the lower right hand side,  the Nebraska stamp goes on sale at Post Offices across Nebraska March 1st,