Governor Stops At Great Plains Health, Talks With The People

Governor Pete Ricketts stopped in North Platte to give an update on legislative priorities. Great Plains Health hosted governor Ricketts, Tuesday at 2:30 in the afternoon, around 60 people attended.  He explained how farm income has dwindled, he plans to grow the state budget annually by one point seven percent per year. He pointed out publications are comparing Nebraska taxes to other states and our ratings are in the lower percentage. He covered how agriculture land will be taxed on its income potential. He is going to combine veterans services for a one stop shop for veterans needs. He will leave money for K-12 education, and for corrections in Nebraska. He says he wants to give small businesses tax relief, and there will be taxes assessed for online purchases. A subject he heard from local residents concerned lowering the standards for licensing for teachers, there were concerns teachers would not maintain their current professionalism. Another subject brought to light was the necessity for the oil pipeline, jobs, relieve our dependence on foreign oil seemed to be the answer. National security would be reason for enacting “eminent domain”, North Platte had some great concerns and questions, thanks to the governor for talking with us, the people.